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The Greatest College Competition in the world
Complete the missing link in your college experience by viewing live feed from every college in the nation. Find and follow the best moments and pictures from any school at will. Stay connected to your friends experiences and create your own to share and inspire the ultimate college story. For the first time ever, each college will be ranked nation- and state-wide based on the popularity of the activity and post. Never miss a moment again with Ranked.

The app will have a platform where the post can be organized into different categories of the college experience such as nightlife, sports, campus life, greek life, etc. This also makes it easier for freshman to connect with other students when first coming into college. Finally students in high school will be able to go on an app and view the daily life of a university before choosing where they want to attend. They can have a first hand view that they could see on a campus tour or online.

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The Greatest College Competition in the world

Live Feed

Live feed of every college in the nation through pictures and video, from the students that go there.

Ranked Colleges

Colleges are ranked state and nation wide based on the popularity of the post. This gives students a first hand look at daily life of all colleges in the nation, and gives them the opportunity to compete in something other than sports.

Discover an Experience

It also gives the students the opportunity to be wildly creative in what they post to connect with other students around the nation.

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The Greatest College Competition in the world

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